Monday, 8 August 2011

Borderlands 2

New details for the recently announced Borderlands 2 have arrived courtesy of the latest issue of Game Informer, which is apparently landing on the door mats of subscribers now. According to reports, enemies and NPCs in the sequel will don much-improved AI, now able to shift around the environments better and offer players 'interactive dialogue', which is just as well since they weren't exactly space scientists in the original. Bandits will also carry specific weapons depending on their class and will 'take on a much more varied form', says Gematsu. New characters will take the leading roles but characters from the first game will apparently be making an unplayable return in the sequel. The first game's weapons, however, will not be returning and have instead been scrapped for an all-new arsenal, with gun manufacturers in the game each having their own themed weapons. The magazine also makes note of a new element known as Eridium, which can apparently be used to upgrade weapons and vehicles or used as a form of currency. Lastly, the burly bloke who appeared in officially released art is called Salvador, a Gunzerker who's unique ability is to dual-wield any weapon. Borderlands 2 will once again be developed by Gearbox Software. According to 2K, the game will be released in the twelve months that follow April 1, 2012 - the beginning of parent Take-Two's financial year.