Saturday, 26 March 2011

XBL Figures

Major Nelson has released the Xbox Live activity numbers for the week of March 14, and things are looking good for THQ's Homefront. After less than a week on the shelves, Homefront debuted at number six on the charts. While a far cry from the top spot (unsurprisingly occupied by Black Ops), it's still impressive for a brand new property, especially in its first week. Then again, given Homefront's sales figures, a strong showing on Xbox Live isn't too shocking. On the Xbox Live Arcade front, newcomer Full House Poker took the top spot, with Runic's Torchlight coming in second. The XBLA version of Battle: Los Angeles, despite a complete lack of marketing, landed in third. Oh, you hadn't heard? Yes, there totally is a Battle: Los Angeles game on XBLA.


  1. never thought homefront was gonna make it that big.
    dont like XBL though. PSN > XBL :D

  2. Yeah same, The multiplayer looks awesome, PSN ftw :D