Monday, 14 March 2011

Social Network Review

Halfway through watching The Social Network i couldnt help but think 'hang on!, i am watching a film about the creator of Facebook; that can't be correct?' But i was and it says one thing that considering the potentially boring subject matter its fairly gripping. But i do think thats an easy argument to induce as it does have high calibre acting, production and directing...however... This film does not fall into the 'greatness' or modern classic catogories but is a thought-provoking and insightful piece and will probably end up being viewed as the film that summed up an era. A little brother to its ambitious, bigger companion on the web. This a film about wealth, greed and loneliness; close to something akin to Wall Street..but with lashings of smart dialogue and awkward nerdy moments for good measure. Jesse Eisenburg's performance is so on the money of Geekdom that your very transfixed throughout but the movie does have some naff moments aswell. Garfield isnt quite as inspirational as he thinks he is, fine for the charachter perhaps but as an actor its too showy. In fact Timberlake does better work for a shorter period. Its all very gloomily shot which did put me off on occassion. The soundtrack is sublime; heavenly and menacing and...well just extremely eclectic. Music is an important part of a film i find and this is an integral cog in the machine. deserves some awards. A good, interesting movie. Like a fleeting channel 4 documentary you have just seen. but you may not watch it again in a hurry...probably just end up browsing on facebook, hell maybe even invent the next internet sensation. You might just get a film made about it if you do.


  1. I still need to watch that film. Might actually try get a hold of it sometime! Very good review.

  2. The movie makes you think how great ideas value the most.

  3. Movie is great but cover of song creep is even better.